Finish Well


My daughter’s basketball team the Madison Lady rams has had a very rough season. More specifically a season of only 1 win and 12 loses. With four games left in the season, the teams morale and team spirit is at an all time low.  My daughter, who LOVES basketball {and happens to be very good at it} is very discouraged. And as her mother, I understand.  I understand her frustration.  The team works so hard all week and sometimes on Saturdays, but to them all their hard work is not paying off.  Here we are again…45-20 in the fourth quarter with only 1 minute and 35 seconds to go.  The girls are playing with all they got but the other team is just pounding them. As I watched my daughter play, I could  see the  frustration come over her like a wave. Her head drops, her face becomes stoic and her attitude changes to an “I don’t care anymore” attitude.  Then at that moment she looks up in the stands, right into my eyes and I say, “Finish Well”.  “No matter what, you finish well”.  Those six little words of encouragement seemed to give her a boost of confidence and she scored four more points!

God is the same way with us, He wants us to finish well. In adversity, when all odds are against us we must look to our Father for guidance.  He will give us an encouraging word to help us get through our times of anxiety and frustration. 1 Peter 5:7 says; Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.  He’ll take on your burdens and help you through them.  Believers will face adversities but  if we continue to seek God’s guidance and faithfully serve Him our trials are not wasted lessons learned. God will use them to fine tune our faith and  cultivate our character.   We have to remind ourselves that God is right there beside us, working in the middle of our storm to bring us out victorious.

So even though the Lady Rams didn’t win, my daughter pulled her self up and got back into the game. Finishing with a smile on her face and peace knowing that she played with all she had and finished well.


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