My Grandmother’s Legacy

 Her children arise up, and call her blessed~Prov.31:28

I was thinking of my grandmother (we called her Grammy) today. She was such an amazing women! So full of wisdom and strength.  Her life is an archetype of how to live a holy, christian life. Her life lessons echo in my ear and give me strength in days when I feel like nothing is going right. I appreciate her words, her love. She reminded me to be more than what people expected me to be.  To be a tree that grows tall and strong, able to handle strong winds and storms.

I inherited her bible, her study bible. A true gift of legacy. When I open this bible I see a lifetime of notes that speak to me during my study time. I marvel at how amazing it is to hear her voice when I read her notes.  Its like she’s in the same room guided me, instructing me. When I get stuck on a scripture, I look at the sidebar a she says “Go to v. 8 to understand better”. Just like that, she guided my bible study from beyond her resting place. 

My grandmother was definitely a women of great honor, awesome wisdom and great strength. I only hope to become half the women she was.



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